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Welcome To The CornerStore!

Dive deep into a hidden corner of the world wide web, filled with Maryjane energy and 420 love – serving a carefully curated selection of cannabis goodies, a unique 420 mail order experience, lots of stoner accessories and much much more… stoner emoji

A Unique 420 Mail Order Experience

Medicate at home or satisfy your deepest marijuana desires with our carefully selected catalog of top-shelf strains๐ŸŒฟ and cannabis concentrates๐Ÿ’ง.

Premium grade 420 stash brought to you by a collective of experienced, vetted, and certified cannabis farms and producers, who live and breathe Marijuana! 

We get your 420 delivered or we show you where to get it locally – Reliable 420 mail order has never been this simple! 

Exquisite 420 Munchies

Grant yourself permission to indulge in our delicate selection of exquisite and tasteful cannabis infused edibles ๐Ÿฐ that will keep you lifted all day long!

These THC and CBD infused snacks are perfect for an early wake and bake breakfast, a mid-day launch break, or that camping weekend with friends.

Be warned – Once you’ve had a taste of these yummy๐Ÿ˜‹ delights, there’s no going back. The only way to satisfy the crave will be to come back for more๐Ÿ™‚

420 Gadgets & Accessories For The Sophisticated Stoner!

Take your 420 experience to the next level or simply blaze your stash incognito, with our unique selection of sleek and elegant 420 accessories and must-have stoner gadgets.

All the way from Dry herb vapers, to oil vaporizers and everything in between!

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At The CornerStore You Get Quality & Reliability

At the CornerStore you get the very best 420 supplies and a caring customer-oriented service that treats you like family…
Because at the CornerStore, we’re all part of a BIG stoned 420 family ๐Ÿค—

Don’t take our word for it, see what they have to say…

weed cornerstore reviews

I love this strain. A really GREAT day time hybrid. Makes u feel like u’ve just scratched a spot on your back that you could not reach for days and it’s been itching you like crazy.
I am running out of words here to describe how good your whole body and mind feels after medicating with this. The high is on the border of “functioning and couch potato” and you can control it as you want and go either way.
Beautiful stuff! Thanks for this marvel.


weed cornerstore reviews

This bad boy really did take me to the moon and back last night. Felt like I was starring at the earth from far, far above โ€“ all the way in the Milky Galaxy.

Need I say more???

I absolutely love this shit!


weed cornerstore testimonial

Guys, this bho is too strong for the average dabber. Please notify all buyers that there is some measure of variety in the THC countenance. the product page says 75 % THC, but I got mine with up to 91.2% THC.

How do I know this? I did my own clinical tests after the delivery. This is too much for some people but i/m absolutely loving it. Reminds me of my time in Colorado Springs โค๏ธ