Blue Dream For Sale

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Blue Dream For Sale


 Top-Shelf Blue Dream For Sale


Strain Name: Blue Dream     [28.5 grams / Ounce]


Grade: AAA+


Category: Blue dream is a Sativa-dominant, hybrid marijuana strain


Appearance: cherry blue with thin follicules, lots of crystalline trichomes


Flavours: Blueberry |  Lavender |


Potency: average THC countenance of about 18 t0 25.75%


Characteristics: Blue dream marijuana is know to be a  sativa-dominant hybrid, with high THC countenance, ideal for day-time medication against; major stress, pain management, and depression.

Our indisputably potent blue dream for sale, formulation is a Sativa dominant cross between Blueberry indica and Sativa Haze#1. It bears dense, rocky buds from top to bottom with an intense flavourful lavender aroma. These coarse bud structure covers an underlying overtone of sweetish blueberry, which hits right at the spot upon your first few tokes.

Being Sativa dominant, it inherently produces a strong cerebral and energetic high, leaving in a mild comfy pre-disposition and balanced with an overall sense of deep relaxation and calm from it’s Blueberry Indica lineage.

Our Blue dream for sale formula, delivers a swift and relieving high without the heavy sedative after-effects. It comes with a somewhat fruity flavour which enhances a deep cerebral buzz with total body energisation. The ideal strain for getting you into that super lucid, creative and energetic mood.


Custom Use: Recreational use, treatment of chronic pain, depressions, nausea, fatigue, and stress.


Effects Of Our Blue Dream For Sale:

Happy, cozy feeling, Uplifted, Euphoric, Creative.

Weight 28.5 g

4 reviews for Blue Dream For Sale

  1. KushGoddess

    There is just no way to deny it when shit tastes this good.
    Awesome strain!

  2. mike

    As described. Loved it. Is quite smooth and flavor full.

    I’ll gladly recommend it.

  3. SoloCrush2321

    Can’t go wrong with this, after a long week. Love it!

  4. Tunki142

    I love this strain. A really GREAT day time hybrid. Makes u feel like u’ve just scratched a spot on your back that you could not reach for days and it’s been itching you like crazy.
    I am running out of words here to describe how good your whole body and mind feels after medicating with this.
    The high is on the border of “functioning and couch potato” and you can control it as you want and go either way.
    Beautiful stuff! Thanks for this marvel.

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