AK-47 Strain

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AK-47 Strain


Buy AK-47 Strain Online


Strain Name:  AK-47  Strain    [28.5 grams / Ounce]


Grade: B+


Category: Hybrid marijuana strain. AK-47 strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid [65% Sativa & 35% Indica]


Appearance:  Our AK-47 strains bears a characteristically lime green sticky, resinous, and densely compact bud structure.

Its surface is bristled with pale red furs and finely coated with crystalline trichomes.


Flavors: Pungent, Sour, Earthy, Woody, Spicy


Potency:  Ak-47 bears on average 21.3%  THC content.


Details: The world-renowned AK-47 cannabis strain gets its name from the Russian Kalashnikov tactical rifle.

This is due to it’s characteristic “one hit blaze” effect. AK-47  also bears a consistently high measure of THC no matter the hybrid’s constitutional variety.


It was first developed in the early 90’s by Serious Seeds. Since then AK-47 strain has become a household name among other strains for its unique ability to produce an almost instant blaze on the very first hits.

It is undoubtedly one of the most potent hybrids. Its high THC capacity has enabled it to win multiple Cannabis Cup awards over time.

The famous AK-47 strain variety we offer, is a unique blend of Mexican, Columbian, and Thai varieties, with a pinch of Afghani Kush. This agglomeration produces a complex and exhilarating hybrid strain with soaring THC potency levels for that ultimate high.


In the not so distant past, questions like; how to buy ak-47 strain online? or AK-47 strain for sale, was a huge myth, but with the wide-spread legalisation , and advancements in security technology, Weed CornerStore makes it extremely simple to buy Ak-47 strain online, without having to worry about your safety. Coupled with our reliable and discreet shipping options, you can medicate with your favourite stash at your convenience.


Characteristics:  If what you are after is a deep mental buzz or an instant mood fix, then AK-47 is the ideal marijuana strain for you.

This sour and fruity tasting Sativa dominant master strain provides a mellow, long-lasting cerebral buzz accompanied by a heightened cognitive ability which will keep you weirdly inspired and socially active, all while leaving you in a relaxed and comfy disposition.


Most medical marijuana patients and cannabis connoisseurs, appreciate this strain for its unique ability to ease off physical pain and induce full body relaxation. This feature alone makes it ideal for recreational use and an adequate remedy against, anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain among others.


Custom Use: Chronic pain, Migraines, Insomnia, Depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder.


Effects Of Our AK-47 Strain:

Happy, Relaxed, Energetic, Euphoric, Creative, Happy

Weight 28.5 g

7 reviews for AK-47 Strain

  1. KayMac25

    You guys could do better with your shipping time. It was way off what you said it would be.
    I explained to your team I was on a tight schedule and had to fly out on the same night, but you finally had me waiting overtime for the pack and miss my flight. Very Poor Service!

  2. jumperHalo

    You guys got me hooked on this one.
    I have been a regular customer for 3 months, have recruited many friends, and will continue to do so.
    Thanks for the awesomeness!

  3. CowGurl1

    I absolutely love this strain.

    I’m pretty new to weed and you guys have been extremely helpful. Living in the countryside not being able to find a reliable plug sucks big time! You guys ROCK 🙂

  4. turfman680

    Loving it. Just received the first pack I ordered.

    Though it arrived like 4 hours later than you guys said it would. Got me tripping for a moment, like WTF!

    haha… All good though. I’m puffing one outta the pack as I’m typing this right now.

    Tastes like the one I had last time I went Southside Cali. Is that where you guys grow?

  5. DaKushGod23

    Very good selections of buds. As a grower myself, I was absolutely stoked by the measure of THC you guys got out of this strain.

    As a grower, I know for a fact that AK-47 dosages can be quite tricky to meddle with, but you guys got this absolutely spot on.

  6. OGRascoe

    Make it F88cking RAIN in this biitch… Damn thatt’s how this bad one got me feeling right now.

    Smoking a dub of my order while typing this! Damn baby that’s some fiiire dank

  7. Lil Pump

    This right here is the SHIIIT. Love the hiigh I get from this bad boy, when i’m on some lean

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