OG Kush

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OG Kush


Quality Organic OG Kush At The Best Price


Strain: OG Kush     [28.5 grams / Ounce]


Grade: AAAA


Category: Hybrid Sativa dominant marijuana strain.


Appearance: pale green and ivy gold in appearance. Dense and rock solid Sativa buds.


Flavors: Pine, Woody, Earthy


Potency: THC; 16% / THCA; 21.75% / CBD; Avg 0.25% / CBN; 0.15%


Characteristics: The legendary OG is known to be a profoundly euphoric hybrid Sativa dominant strain. Initially propagated by Imperial Genetics it bears an earthy pine formulation and sour lemon scent. on exhale.

Its mainly renowned for its unique psychedelic effects on patients suffering from stress, acute anxiety, insomnia. A fan favourite for both for recreational as well as medical purposes.


Custom Use: Chronic pain, insomnia, lack of appetite, nausea, migraines, ADD/ADHD.


Effects Of Our OG Kush:

Relaxed, Happy, Hungry, Euphoric, Happy, Inspired, Creative

Weight 28.5 g

7 reviews for OG Kush

  1. KaySlay001

    Happy feeling, hard-hitting buzz. Definitely a preferred strain, it lasts quite long and the citrus flavor is very desirable. Will purchase again!

  2. Amber

    Love the taste. Hit with a smooth, very nice chill vibe!

  3. Will

    Stop reading the reviews right now and get this strain BAD BOY!
    This was super fun stuff, as in Nice beach/camping/outdoorsy smoke…..
    Not harsh in the slightest, very fruity flavor, no dry mouth for me at least.

    Very good daytime smoke, giggly, and happy stuff…

    Play a musical instrument?? This is your kinda weed!

    My Cons- not super potent is the only con I can think of, but that’s not a con with a lot of people, and the high still lasts at least a good hour.

  4. Merrill

    OMG this is dynamite!

    First puff from the pack and I’m already in WONDERLAND. Love this shit!

  5. Kyle

    Nice buds, slightly leafy but doesn’t impact the taste….perfect dryness – still a slight moisture content not just dense dust nuggets….
    Definitely a good strain but not a serious heavy hitter like the SkyWalker OG or Sour Diesel I have ordered from this site before. A good daytime smoke though.

  6. mika21

    IMHO, OG Kush is one of the standards that good cannabis should be measured by. OG is an incredibly well balanced indica hybrid strain, with mellow, relaxing mental effects and a glowing body high.

  7. Chronos2539

    I’ve been trying to find a strain that helps with my back pain and my insomnia. This killed two birds with one stone! I have a disorder, and this strain also has helped calm my nerves. It doesn’t make me paranoid either. super glad I found this!

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