White Widow Strain

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White Widow Strain


Top-Shelf White Widow Strain


Strain Name:  White Widow     [28.5 grams / Ounce]


Grade: AA


Category: Hybrid strain [Indica dominant hybrid: Sativa 40% & Indica 60%]


Appearance: Whitish crystalline buds with a coated resin formulation and smooth protruded trichome. Mostly available in feminized seed form factors.


Flavors: Earthy, Smooth Pine, Pungent, Woody, Citrus


Potency:  19% THC potential & a medium CBD potential


Details: first propagated in the early 90’s, the white widow strain is unquestionably one of the most acclaimed and probably the most potent socially inclined marijuana strain. Its origin is a little controversial, but its genetics is known to be the direct results of years of selective cross-breeding between a pure Sativa landrace from Brazil and a resin-heavy South Indian Indica.

Commonly found on the top of most Dutch Coffee Shop menus, this Indica dominant hybrid provides an exhilarating burst of energy and euphoric trance that permeates your entire body, provoking profound cerebral processing and creativity.


Characteristics: White Widow strain, is your best companion for those weird outdoor family gatherings, and social exhibitions.

It bears a characteristic clean and tasty smoke that kicks in gently and expands gradually, accompanied by a subtle citrus flavour on exhale, which enhances a full surface buzz from your head to the tip of your toes.

This creates an uplifted feeling provoking a deep thought and conversational aptitude, which makes it ideal for social gatherings and medical patients suffering from severe pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic migraines.


Custom Use: PTSD, Anxiety, Pressure, Stress, Creativity, Pain


Effects Of Our White Widow Strain:

Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic, Creative

Weight 28.5 g

5 reviews for White Widow Strain

  1. Fox420

    Smooth with nice citrus, earthy flavor.
    A Great daytime smoke. This is my second time coming back for this.

    The buds are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Rena

    This is a great strain, looks just like it is in the pictures.

    Smooth smoking, nice fruity taste. Its buzz is very relaxed, but strong enough and lasts quite a while. For the price, its a total bargain compared to what I used to get from my plug.

    would order again sometime. Very fast delivery and great service. Thanks, very much appreciated!

  3. Derreck

    A friend of mine recommended me your service and I must say I am more than impressed

    This is my 3rd order and so far, this is the best Price/quality product I’ve gotten from you guys.

    Taste’s way better than the local shit I’m used to. Lol,
    It also burns well in a vape and the buzz doesn’t stick you on the couch, Perfect for daytime tokes.

  4. PotQueen

    My first try of WW didn’t go so well. leaf completely dazed in the morning even though I only had like an eight of it in the night 🙁

  5. Kepler

    WW is a classic for a reason. One of the most Potent strain that affects mind and body.
    Very relaxing and always puts me in a positive mood. Helps my appetite and insomnia too.

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